Logs produced by, processed by kirby, and displayed by ecosystem.
You can explore the most recent data yourself on Honeycomb.

Coded by @indirect and @sidk, hosted by Ruby Together.

Version breakdowns

The version graphs try to count each run of gem install or bundle install exactly one time. However, since each of those commands can trigger dozens or even hundreds of HTTP requests, these results are not necessarily accurate. After trying to keep only one entry per install command, we group each minor version together because graphing every patch version just makes a mess.

Traffic Comparisons

Group all traffic for relative comparison. In these graphs, "RubyGems" means gem install while "Bundler" means bundle install, and "CI" means Bundler found a value in the CI environment variable.

Traffic Totals

The count of requests whose logs were fully processed and counted on a given day. All other charts are percentages relative to the total, while this chart shows the absolute number of data points available on a given day.